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Papanui Club, Christchurch

Papanui Club Re-build, Christchurch

Description: The stunning new $14 million 3,000 m2 Papanui Club has seized the opportunity to redefine what a modern day chartered club looks and feels like in the wake of the earthquake.


Our expertise: e2Environmental was given the challenge of achieving a cost effective stormwater solution for this site by RM Design. This challenge was complicated by the high ground water table, lack of fall across the site and the need to meet the Christchurch City Council’s authorisation to discharge requirements. The carpark levels were an integral part of the solution that also had to work in with the building’s finished floor levels and the need for providing a secondary flowpath through the site and around the building. e2Environmental was also responsible for obtaining the earthworks consent from Environment Canterbury.


Outcome: An outstanding new community facility that has resulted in an almost doubling of club membership since the new building was opened. e2Environmental is proud to have been part of the team that has achieved the project goal of a “club of the future” that the brings the community together in a fantastic environment.

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