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Alister O'Callaghan

Senior Engineer 

BE (Civil), NZCE (Civil), CPEng (121620)

About Alister

Alister has over 30 years’ experience in local government and land development engineering. His expertise includes road design, three water infrastructure planning, design, consenting, and construction. He has a passion to see three water infrastructure being cost effective and fit for purpose.


Alister is experienced in urban flood mitigation, overland flow path modelling and subsequent publication of free flood information to empower residents and professionals to make informed flood risk decisions as was the case for Moreton Bay Regional Council. Alister has a close relationship with emergency management, including flood responses 2008 to 2018 in the Brisbane region, preparation of flood data and flood warning to minimize flood nuisance and damage during the frequent sub-tropical storm events.  


Alister has lived and worked in Canterbury for the majority of his life and enjoys spending time with his wife Margaret, children and grandchildren.


Primary Focus:

Three waters consenting

Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Network Infrastructure

Stormwater flow mitigation

Stormwater treatment (Water sensitive design)

Flood mapping and flood damage mitigation through good planning controls and infrastructure solutions


Mob: 0224 074 330

Based in the Christchurch office

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