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New Zealand’s population is on the rise and is increasingly moving from rural to urban areas. This is driving the need to update aging infrastructure and to provide newer, better infrastructure. Climate change is exacerbating the problem by causing more intense rain storms which overload stormwater infrastructure and cause increased inflow to sewer networks. More frequent droughts are increasing demand for already scarce irrigation water.

Our team is made up of engineers, designers and drafting staff who are fully versed in all aspects of the 3 Waters from conceptualising, to planning and decision making, to consenting, to investigation, to design, to tendering and procurement, and finally to on-site civils.


e2 has a solid track record throughout New Zealand for successfully completed large and small stormwater, wastewater and water supply projects.

Our capabilities include:

• unparalleled understanding of local and regional council rules and regulations
• catchment analysis using hydrological modelling
• flood risk assessment
• design of attenuation and treatment devices
• overland flow paths
• minimum floor level specification
• stormwater network design
• hydraulic modelling
• infrastructure upgrades
• erosion and sediment control

• on-site wastewater treatment and disposal systems

• low pressure and large scale wastewater pump stations

• private and public wastewater reticulation

• wastewater network modelling

• private and public water reticulation

• firefighting water supply

• water supply and firefighting network modelling

3 Waters

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