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Hydrology and Hydraulic Modelling

Numerical modelling technologies have advanced significantly in recent times.  However, the key to modelling today is not so much producing results, but rather understanding and being able to convey the limits and certainty within those results.  This only comes with experience and a solid foundation in the sciences being processed within models.  The team at e2 have the track record and scientific background to provide you with the certainty you need to make the right decision.


Whether you are building a watewater network, analysing the impact of development on an existing stormwater network, or assessing the Level-Of-Service of a regional flood protection scheme, e2 can take the estimation and forecasting tasks off your hands.  Our in-house technologies include 3-way coupled DHI unlimited element Flexible Mesh MIKEFlood software with the grunty hardware necessary to crunch the numbers quickly and efficiently.  Although the DHI software package is a preferred industry choice for many clients, our e2 team also work with other packages such as HEC-RAS and HEC-HMS as well as the ESRI and QGIS environments necessary to prepare and present models. 

Our capabilities include:

  • catchment assessments

  • hydrological modelling - flood probability assessment

  • hydraulic modelling - flood spread, flood depth and velocities

  • 3-way coupled stormwater reticulation network analysis

  • beyond-network-capability impact assessment

  • wastewater reticulation assessment and design

  • flood risk assessment

  • flood mitigation planning

  • dam break analysis

  • wind and wave lap impact assessment

  • result animation and presentation

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