Ting Powell

Civil Engineer & Hydraulic Modeller

BE Hons (Nat. Res.), LL.B, GIPENZ

About Ting

Ting was originally trained in law, but her passion in water led her to complete a Natural Resources Engineering degree at the University of Canterbury. She has since been involved in a wide range of technical projects including modelling, design, planning and review of three waters projects for local government and private clients. She has particular interest in the use of computer based modelling tools and GIS techniques to provide support for decision making for flood/river management and urban drainage/supply networks at all levels of management and operations. Ting is self-motivated and always looks for ways to improve project outcomes with her client’s best interest in mind.


When not solving water problems, she can usually be found trying not to fall off a mountain bike.


Primary Focus:

  • Hydraulic and Hydrology Modelling (3 Waters)

  • Flood Risk Assessment and Mitigation

  • Hydraulic Structure and Stormwater Design

  • Integrated Catchment Management

  • River and Riparian Restoration

  • Wastewater Network Assessment

  • Environmental Consent and Compliance



Mob: 022 044 3586
Email: ting.powell@e2environmental.com

Based in Christchurch office