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Tait Technology Centre, Christchurch

Low impact stormwater solution for Tait Technology Centre, Christchurch


Description: e2Environmental were charged with delivering a low impact stormwater solution in keeping with this high profile, sustainability-minded technology park.


Our expertise: The commercial park incorporates a high proportion of new impervious surfaces including buildings and carparks. Working within a fast-tracked, compressed timetable, our solution required an innovative stormwater design to treat surface water prior to discharge. e2Environmental investigated permeable paving, swale and raingarden technologies before settling on a series of three linked attenuation basins incorporating proprietary treatment devices.


The attenuation ponds are disguised as a dry meandering riverbed/swale feature which runs through much of the width of the site providing significant visual interest and easily blending into the park-like setting.

e2Environmental worked through the rezoning of the rural site into a low impact business zone, option and issues studies, conceptual stormwater design, detailed design issues, stormwater modelling and lodging of the Discharge Authorisation with Christchurch City Council.


Outcome: The Discharge Authorisation was achieved within the particularly tight timeframe. And by working closely with Goom Landscapes, our innovative treatment solution looks much like a natural NZ landscape incorporating native plantings, riverbed stones and boulders. The award winning Tait Technology Centre was officially opened by the Prime Minister in April 2015.

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