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Laddie Kuta

Partner | Civil & River Engineering

Chartered Professional Engineer, BEng (Civil), MSc (Civil), MIPENZ (Civil & Environmental), IntPE

About Laddie

Over the last three decades Laddie has worked around the globe building a solid skill set in the three waters arena. Hailing from an island off the east coast of Canada with an academic background in civil engineering and numerical modelling, Laddie has an affinity for the natural environment that is reflected in his approach and the final outcome of the projects he undertakes. Since moving to New Zealand in 2008 he has successfully taken capital projects from their design through to procurement at both the regional and local authority levels – focused mostly in river-environment management and flood mitigation.


Primary Focus:

  • River Environment Management Advisor

  • Flood Hazard Assessment and Mitigation

  • Hydraulic/Hydrologic Modelling and Review (3 Waters)

  • Channel Rehabilitation and Design

  • Coastal/Riparian Erosion Protection

  • Hydraulic Structure and Stormwater Design (i.e. culverts, weirs, fish passage)

  • Environmental Consent and Compliance

  • Project Direction and Management

  • Expert Witness and Peer Review



Mob: 021 247 4256

Based in Christchurch office

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