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As a member of the team, we are stoked to see North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery alliance (NCTIR) win global recognition for the significant engineering efforts following the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake.

The prestigious international award, decided by public vote, recognises the world's top civil engineering project of the year and sets a benchmark for industry excellence in design and construction.  It reflects what the people who benefit from civil engineering efforts really think.

e2’s Christchurch office provided several staff for the NCTIR team through secondment and commercial civil design projects.


ACENZ provides Special Award 2016 to e2 and other members of SCIRT Team

e2Environmental along with other consultants that supplied designers to SCIRT were presented with a special award by ACENZ acknowledging the consulting industry’s collaboration in the rebuild of Christchurch’s Public Infrastructure.


The 2010/2011 Christchurch earthquakes left $2 billion of horizontal infrastructure (eg water pipelines, sewer pipelines, stormwater pipelines and roads) requiring repair or replacement. Christchurch City Council, Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority, and New Zealand Transport Authority, established an alliance with several major contractors (SCIRT) to rebuild the city’s infrastructure. To assist the work, SCIRT established a Professional Services Advisory Group of leading consulting engineering firms, to provide specialists to the SCIRT team.


e2’s Christchurch office provided several staff for the SCIRT team, who worked tirelessly for the rebuild: long days, long weeks, long months, and got the job done.


In recognition of the substantial contribution made by these dedicated Engineers and the consulting engineering companies that provided them, ACENZ has made a Special Award in 2016 for the efforts of the contributing companies.

e2Enviromental Limited is proud to be one of the consulting engineering companies recognised by ACENZ.

e2 is proud to currently hold a strong green grading in New Zealand's SiteWise system.  This achievement exemplifies e2's quality health and safety system and recognition as a green certified business.

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